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Privacy Policy

General Information
Johnston Distributing, Inc. may collect the following information on users through standard web server logs, which are purged regularly: User IP Address, Domain, Files Accessed, Time of Visit, Browser Type. This information helps us to analyze visits in a statistical manner for the purposes of internal server stats. We may use this information to identify individual users in the case of spamming, copyright infringement, DDOS or other web server attacks, illegal use, and other usage not consistent with standard use of Johnston Distributing, Inc. services.
Johnston Distributing, Inc. may use cookies to save user preferences for the purposes of customization. You may opt to disable cookies in your browser, which will disable the customized features of this site. Some features may not work if cookies are disabled.
User Registration
Information All registration is voluntary on your part. When registering at Johnston Distributing, Inc., you agree that we may retain the information you provide for the purposes of providing the services that you request. For example, if you request to add our e-mail newsletter; we will store your Name and e-mail address for the purposes of sending you the newsletter. You may easily opt out of email newsletters.
If you e-mail us, we may store the contents of your e-mail as well as your e-mail address in order to respond to your inquiry and to identify you should you have further communications with us.
Changes to Privacy
Policy Minor changes to this policy may occur over time. We will prominently display any changes on this page, and more major changes will be announced on the homepage. A period of no less than 10 days will be given in advance of any changes to the policy, during which users can request to be deleted.
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